Autocar list their Top 5 greatest BMW’s of all time


Autocar list their Top 5 greatest BMW’s of all time


“We didn’t agonise over choosing the top five; we bent double and writhed around on the floor, banged our heads against the wall and wailed and gnashed our teeth over their inclusion”

This week, Autocar gave themselves the challenging task of scrutinizing the entire BMW range in order to determine the top 5 models of all time, “from the very old to the spanking new”.

So which models made it to the top?

5th. BMW i3

• “The i3 is genuinely good to drive, and you don’t need to qualify that with ‘for an electric car’. By normal standards, by BMW standards even, the i3 is engaging and entertaining.”

4th. BMW 328

• “In many ways, the 328 was BMW at its best: pushing at the outer edges of what technology could offer and what its brand could sustain”

• It “sowed the seeds for a reputation for engineering excellence and innovation BMW enjoys to this day.”

3rd. BMW M1

• “The first M car and, to date, BMW’s only multi-cylinder, classically configured, mid-engined, rear-drive supercar. And it is wonderful.”

• “It rides well and is quite quiet, but that’s not what this car is about. You have to make it sing, keep the revs high and the gears low and make its chassis work. Then it is simply mesmerising.”

2nd. BMW i8

• “BMW’s bravery is astonishing. The i8 is a £100,000 junior supercar that relies for its primary power supply on a 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine more usually found in a Mini.”

• “The i8 will change the way people perceive BMW, because the resulting car is not just a work of visual art but also an engineering triumph – a feast for head and heart alike and one of the most extraordinary mainstream production cars of this or any era.”

1st. BMW M3 (E30)

• “It was always going to be original M3.”

• “The chassis is exquisite, offering race car balance, it has one of the best power steering systems yet devised and it is more fun on road or track than most sports cars costing twice as much.”

• “In its pedigree, the pleasure it gives its driver and the fact you don’t need a special reason to go out and drive it, it encapsulates all we ever wanted a BMW to be. The Ultimate Driving Machine, no less.”